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Hand Crafted Silver & Jewellery

In the family studio beneath Exmoor’s highest moors, Sarah specialises in two styles of jewellery inspired by the natural environment. 
Sharing the studio with her father, engineer and silversmith Brian O’Hara, Sarah has drawn on his technical expertise to develop unique settings for polished stones using the studio’s “re-imagined silver waste”.  Organic, tactile details - from fossil to fallen leaf  - inform one-off, statement pieces with accents of Art Nouveau and a nod to her textile design background.  
Here, where views towards Dunkery Beacon shift endlessly in tone and shade, Sarah enjoys the perfect space in which to hand-mix the colours for her tablet range of resin and silver cast pieces.  Intricately-worked journeys in tonal variation, they explore the seasonal palettes of Exmoor, from the lichens and mosses of the oak woodlands and the brooding hues of the winterhill, to springtime flora and the weather-washed tones of the summer coast. 

Silver Commissions

Almost every piece of Silverware created in my studio is a one-off and I welcome the challenge of creating a unique gift for someone. On occassion I have been asked to "re-cycle" broken or unfashionable pieces of silver or gold which, when melted down, can be fashioned into a new design of the customer's choice.  An ideal source of gold includes 22-carat sovereigns.

I am happy to help couples design and make their own wedding rings, engagement rings or signet rings. I am frequently asked to make gifts for special birthdays or anniversaries.
Other commissions have included Christening gifts, bookmarks, church plate, silver boxes and jewellery for personal collections.

All of the handcrafted pieces made in my workshop are Sterling Silver and each piece is hallmarked at the London Assay Office. If you would like to know more about hallmarks and what they mean, you can find excellent information by Clicking: Silver Hallmarks here 

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When undertaking a silversmithing course with us you can find information about the area here.

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